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TRUE Cosmetics
TRUE Cosmetics
TRUE introduces truly modern makeup in performance and shade range, from protection to packaging. This concise line brings future-thinking benefits and ancient knowing to enhance beauty that's of the moment and in it.

Protective Collection
The TRUE Protective Collection deliver a new level of skin protection along with dramatic anti-aging benefits with the new breakthrough super antioxidant Idebenone. Idebenone-enhanced cosmetics bring powerful antioxidant ingredient benefits to daily beauty, and the known skin-bettering benefits of mineral makeup find a sophisticated side at last. TRUE offers a wide range of skin tones to adapt to a modern world of diverse ethnicity. Sleek packaging holds true-skin formulas rich in supporting antioxidants of Vitamin E, and Green Tea plus a natural SPF17 from Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.

Color Collection
TRUE Color Collection is makeup-artist designed but with anti-aging skin benefits in mind. Carefully formulated to the ideal in shade, finish and experience, our range is neutral to fashion-forward, subtle to striking.

For eyes, texture is determined by placement; natural for all-over, matte for contour and sheer to saturated shimmering pigments for dimension.

In powder or sheer cream, blushes are designed to extend the natural hues of healthy skin.

The mouth is treated as the soul of the face and our lip colors are created as mood elevators, enhancers, and disguises.

TRUE tools
Our brushes are a collection created by uncompromising choices in material, design, balance and function. Each brush is designed for a specific use, cut precisely to fit facial contours and created by hand with hair chosen for specific product and application technique. These are tools that transform the art of make-up into easy modern simplicity.

TRUE touch-ups at Visual Image
TRUE touch-ups are complimentary with every hair or skin care service. Leave the salon with a "finished" look by having your make-up refreshed by one of our artists—its absolutely free and you'll leave looking absolutely stunning!